{Just Like Lady and the Tramp . . . without the dogs}

I like to keep the romance and the fun alive with hubby.
I was all about fun surprises, notes, dinners, etc. right after marriage.
However, teaching and crocheting, and being preggers have dampened my energy quite a bit.
So last after feeling rejuvenated from my pickles and ginger ale (Delicious, I tell you.  Gourmet, even!) I cooked up a little something for the hubs and I.
First of all, I literally cooked up some spaghetti.  Instead of doing it homemade, I bought the skinny noodles that hubby loves.  I cooked up some ground turkey meat, poured in the can of garlic and herb tomato sauce and baked up some deliciously simple and scrumptious crescent rolls (another fave of hubby’s and baby as well  apparently).
Then, I grabbed a candle from the back room, lit it and turned off the main lights.  I set the table and TA DA!  Our very own romantic dinner straight out of Lady and the Tramp.  The only thing I forgot was to find an Italian station on Pandora. 

It was lovely.  Hubby had a softball game, so our dinner was quick, but it was fun.  It lightened the mood.  The candle made it more intimate, so rather than rushing through the meal, we talked and laughed.
We also almost caught the house on fire when hubby bumped the table and the candle stand started to fall.  However, with my cat-like reflexes I reached out and grabbed the aforementioned candle before it hit our wooden table, sacrificing a centimeter of my skin to hot melted wax. Skills. Serious skills.
So, when the moon hits your eye . . . 
{How do you turn simple into special?}

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