{If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words}

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this’ll be a mighty long post!
I participated in a market this week . . .


  I always feel awkward being photographed. Ummm Errrr Cheese!
Then I went to BlogSugar . . .
 Maggie of Gussy Sews was there!
 Plenty of Sugar!  That donut is on top of a cupcake! mmmmmm!
 Julie of Joy’s hope and her sweet baby boy.
 Blurry pic of Jeannette of LifeRearranged who kicked booty in her talk!
I also listened to Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy, who was also my ride home and graciously let me sleep the whole way back on her back seat.
Emily of Blue Corduroy and Joy of Simply Joy were also my carpool buddies!
It was awesome to get business tips from Christ centered women!  It was a great reminder to give God all of ourselves, even our blogs!
It was a great time to learn about this wonderful non-profit!
It was epic!  ’nuff said.

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