{Recipe for a busy woman and a hungry husband}

Hello there wives and women of the world!  Today, the working wife diaries is bringing you a meal you can make in 5 minutes (including a last minute run to the store for cheese in case someone left the cheese out the night before and it went bad).
Need a quick recipe?
Ya.  Me too.
Lately, life has been crazy.
Between teaching full-time, obtaining my Master’s, selling (and therefore crocheting) tons of baby beanies, attending BlogSugar, and welcoming a new nephew to the world, I have felt inadequate in my housewife efforts.
It was time for a quick recipe.
I tend to beat myself up if dinner isn’t amazing or ready on time or gourmet.  Hubby never minds, but I mind.
Then I realized that it doesn’t have to be gourmet to be good.  Maybe it was our simple burgers and beans bbq over the weekend that inspired me. I’m not sure.
So, I pulled out an old recipe that my mother always used.  It was a Sunday afternoon favorite.  I can remember munching on this meal with either football, NASCAR, or golf on the television while coupons and the Sunday funnies were spread across the family room floor.
I actually didn’t even need an actual recipe for this meal; it came directly from my memory.
Are you ready for how absurdly easy this is?
1. Place tortilla chips on a plate.
2. Cover with shredded lettuce.
3. Top with your favorite brand of canned chili.
4. Top with cheddar cheese
Now, all you need is to be ready for how absurdly good this is. mmmmmm.
Oh. And the even better part is that this meal makes very few dishes!  If you know me, you know how happy that makes me!
I would have taken a picture, and I totally intended to, but I was a little eager to eat.  
Hubby actually remarked just a few minutes ago on my all but licked clean plate.
“Not hungry, huh?” He said mockingly.  I looked right at him and stuck the last piece of lettuce in my mouth.

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