{A Tree Lined Walk}

There is this street.
It’s my fave.
It is lined with trees.
Lovely trees.
Gnarled trees, full of character.
The leaves stretch over in a canopy.
The leaves fall to the ground.
In the fall, they go crunch, crunch, crunch as I walk across them.
I took this road the other day.
To the hospital.
To see my new newphew.
It made me think of tall brown boots, cozy sweaters, and scarves.
I dreamt of pumpkin spice lattes, which I refuse to partake of until October 1st. 
I am a sunshine and summer girl at heart.
Truly, though, who can resist bright orange leaves, crisp fall air, hayrides, and pumpkin pie?
Not me.  So, although I will miss the warmth, flip-flops, and, lemonade that are summer, I will relish the delights of fall as well.

{What is your favorite season?}

One thought on “{A Tree Lined Walk}

  1. I, too, enjoy and love this street. It brings back wonderful memories of my SIL and her family who lived there for several years. Fall is by far my most favorite season, then winter, spring, and then summer. IN THAT ORDER! 🙂 One plus of any and all seasons on the Central Coast, you can still wear flip flops alll year long; at least I do! Thank you for your wonderful posts….and especially your A Tree Lined Walk. Blessings xo

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