{To Sleep, Perchance to Dream}

Have you ever been so exhausted that you feel the need to pull back your eyelids with string in order to keep them open?
Ever felt so exhausted that from the moment you wake up, you are dreaming of crawling back into that cozy bed hours, and hours, and hours later?
Ever felt a sob stick in your throat at the sound of your alarm clock?
Well, in case you were wondering where I am going with all of this, here is exhibit A.
When you have spent the day attempting to teach 11 year-old’s the concept of symbolism, spent the afternoon grading their Narrative paragraphs, ditched the gym because you know that attempting to do Zumba in your current zombie-like state would be dangerous, typed and retyped and turned in your first paper for your Master’s program, this is how you play Wii.  You may even be able to shift into Wii stance number two as demonstrated in exhibit B here.
Pathetic.  I KNOW.
You also lose at Wii as this is not a very advantageous stance for Wii ping pong.  Then you tell hubby that he should play a game that he likes, so that you can attempt to read one chapter in your overdue library book before the concrete on your eyelids completely dries.
Needless to say, someone around these parts needs some sleep.
{How do you fight exhaustion?}

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