{How we roll on the Weekend}

I love me a good weekend.  A relaxing weekend. A fun weekend. 
This weekend was all of that.
Here is how we roll on the weekend:
It all began with a night in with my bro and his wife.  We figured they were probably tired as they are waiting around for an overdue baby #2.  So we hopped over to watch a movie and I whipped up some cheesy, vegetable stuffed spuds for the hubs and I. 
A good 8 hours of sleep + later and we were up for a hike with the mom-in-law.  A hike that I brought my camera to record.  A hike during which time the camera was forgotten and no photos were taken.
Breakfast at Linneas.  Delish. Camera forgotten again.
Football game on T.V.? Eating everything in my mom-in-law’s cupboards?  Camera forgotten. Crocheting like a maniac?  Yes that is a pound of yarn.
 Hubby went to do some car work and I watched a four hour, yes I said four hour, movie, while crocheting, making rosettes, checking e-mails, and um . . . I think that was it.
Hubby whipped up some yummy quesadillas with some leftovers we had and we enjoyed them together as Gilbert and Anne promised their love to one another. Sigh.
A few crepes and one minor catastrophe later (insert me grabbing a burner here.  A burner that was on.) and I was passed out asleep on the couch.
Sunday brought an early morning church service.  Our first trip to The Habit for charbroiled goodness.  
It is so perfect that hubby doesn’t like pickles and that I adore them.  True love is giving your pickles to your wife.  True true love would be buying her a giant dill pickle from the fair or a deli, or anywhere where they are available. Are you taking notes, hubby . . . hubby?
We ran errands, coupons in hand, and got a killer deal on some steak.
Hub’s mom was dogsitting so we did a little walk, found the house we want to live in, and went our separate ways.  Me to clean and organize (which I am not accomplishing, since I am currently writing this post) and he to golf with a buddy.
Then, we bbq’d the aforementioned 60% off steak and whipped up some corn and sweet potato fries.
Can we say DELISH? Not healthy, no one said healthy.  The word was DELISH!
Some sweet converation, nephew-watching, and Master’s class studying  and it was time for bed.  5:30 comes mighty early for this working wife.
That’s how my baby and I roll on the weekend y’all.
{How do you roll on the weekend?  Do you like my super professional food photography? Ha!}

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