{Birthday for my Baby}

I am postponing another week of Worth the Wait: A Love Story in honor of hubby’s birthday, which was yesterday!
P.S. Don’t forget to enter Monday’s giveaway!
I had grand plans for hubby’s 28th.  Most things went as planned. Such as . . .
Morning breakfast for my love.
Morning coffee, donuts, and presents for my love.
A card in my love’s lunch.
A family and friends BBQ for my love. Complete with the ladder ball game I bought him.  Oh and a bracket.  I made a bracket.
Hydrangeas from our bush in order to have blue-ish flowers for my love.
A birthday sign for my love.
This is my sis-in-law who came with her soon-to-be baby boy!
This is my love, his friend Ryan, my bro Miles and his baby boy #1.  Refer to above picture for baby boy #2.
Tri-tip, Linguica, and french bread for my love.
A totally non-girlified party with chips and salsa, plastic cups (one dollar for 4 and 40% off at Michael’s, but half of them had holes in the bottom.  Leakage), angel food cake, strawberries, and homemade whipped cream (saved by mother-in-law since I apparently do not have the patience necessary for the whipping part of whipping cream).
A little boy who wants to play with the big boys.
He really wants it.
Mario Kart Wii racing for my speed racer love.
I love my man!
His birthday was fun, but something felt a bit odd.  I realized it later that night.  It was because our dear friends here and here weren’t there to join us.  Sniff Sniff.  They were missed.
Oh, and then there was the part of the birthday that wasn’t planned.  
The part where I lit a candle in the bathroom to make it smell pretty.  The part where hubby threw his unmentionables in there in preparation for his pre-party shower.  The part where ten minutes later he realized they were fully engulfed in flames.  The part where I walked in on him washing the smoke residue off the wall and saw the broken glass candle and melted wax all over the counter top.  We have issues with fire.  Good thing our new neighbor is a firefighter!
{What unexpected thing has happened to you 15 minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive?}

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