{Dating my Husband}

Dating after marriage can be hard.  Not that life is bad or lacking without actual, technical “dates”.  
We find snuggling on the couch with some good netflix satisfying.  We enjoy tidying up together or sitting in the front yard reading together.
But, oh, it is so sweet to do something FUN together.  To leave our little love nest and fly away to some romantic spot.
After spending all day Saturday doing a day-of-wedding-coordinating job at this location, I knew that hubby and I were officially pathetic.  I even texted him to tell him so.  
I said: “It is stinkin’ gorgeous at the beach and I am mad that we never come here. You + me = beach date tomorrow.”
Actually, I really said: “It is stinkin gorgeouus att tthe beach and I. Am mad thatt we never come here.  You + me = beach date tomorrow”
My phone has a few button problems. So, if you receive horribly misspelled texts from me with superfluous t’s blame the phone, not me.
Anyway, I made good on my promise.
Sunday afternoon we grabbed 2 chairs, some books, water, a frisbee, and a football and headed for some sand and sun!
With a 10 minute drive it is a wonder we don’t do this more often.  We took a new staircase down to a less crowded section of beach and there we lounged on vintage sun chairs.  I don’t know if sun chairs is their technical name, but they are yellow and I use them in the sun and have, therefore, dubbed them “sunchairs”
We read.  I switched back and forth between 2 books because, well, when is one ever really enough I must ask?
We tossed around our color changing frisbee.  I even had a few diving catches!  
We walked along the water’s edge and stared at the mesmerizing waves, imagining that we were back on the beached of Kauai enjoying the bliss that was our honeymoon.
Then, it was back to town for some Bel Frites fries and dipping sauce.  One of us who shall remain nameless *ahem* was still hungry, so off to Rite Aid (which we both still refer to Thrifty’s) for ice cream.  A quick double car wash at the mom-in-law’s later and we were back at our place for dinner with my bro, sis-in-law, nephew, and nephew to be.
It was a lovely day.  We are so blessed to be able to visit the beach so easily.  We were quite ashamed that it had been so long since our last outing there, and we vowed to make more of an effort to “date” one another.  I am looking forward to our next adventure!

{What great “date” have you been on lately}
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