{A Room Redo}

I did it.
I “finished” my classroom.
A classroom is truly never finished.  I add signs, rearrange desks, and modify it constantly.  Even today, I made a number of posters to be laminated and hung in my room.
However, the basic design is done.  The walls painted, the posters hung with nails to the concrete walls, the desk organized.
Click HERE to see the before shots.
Here is my room now.
A lovely shade of green.
 Full of posters and with a pairs seating arrangement
 Table and stools required since there are not enough desks.
 Soon to be filled with work and grade printouts.
 Reminders like these are necessary – especially the brain part – since I teach middle schoolers.
 The yearbook class of 33 8th/7th graders’ domain! I love the chalkboard that I painted on the wall.
 Space for literature specific information when we start our first novel and space for their folders. Oh and no name work.  They still forget their names. A lot. Even though I say it 50 times a class.  Sophomores were no better.  True story.
 I love the black chalkboard instead of the green.  I love the pretty bistro pen colors.  Much to my chagrin the pens make the sound of a dull marker on paper.  I am getting icky chills just thinking of it.  Sadness.  At least they said it was “sooooo cool”.
 The “I was Absent area”. A must for students who think the world stops when they don’t come to school.
 Where the magic happens.
 My pride and joy.  My library!  I have added a banner that says “Library” (super original, eh?) above it.
 My view.  Head up Garrett. Josh, stop touching Matt.  Sir, use a pen to write, not a highlighter.
 I love watching the confusion on their faces when they see the clock for the first time.  I also love anwering this question: “When is class over?” with this answer: “When the bell rings.”
 No cell phones! Booyah!
{This is where I will be spending 9 hours each day.  I’m glad I like it!}

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