{The Last Hurrah}

Hubby and I were on vacation all last week.  From Sunday to Sunday.  It was our last Hurrah.

Next week begins another year of teaching for me. Although I am excited to see those 7th grade faces shining up at me, it is difficult to say goodbye to summer.
I was born for summer after all.  For that reason, we spent one wonderful week in one of my favorite places: Lake Shasta.  Not only was I born for long summer days and warm summer nights, but for mountains, trees, and water.
I told hubby before we left, “I think you’ll understand me more after this trip.”  He always smiles when I say things like this.  He is accustomed to hearing me say things such as, “If you looked at my soul, it would look like Yosemite.”  He is starting to get me.
So, I introduced hubby to the style of camping I have been doing since I was 5 weeks old.  This annual trip has eluded me the past 4 years and I was overjoyed to be back.
Here is a quick trip down memory lane: 
Me hogging the camera while camping.
 Me catching fish (on the right) while camping with my maid of honor.
 All the cousins looking cool (I am in the amazing sunglasses) while camping.
 Me being ridiculously tan while camping.
 Skiing at age 7 while camping.
 I love camping!
This year was as wonderful as I remember it always being!
I was overjoyed to be woken up early by the sun beating down on my tent. Overjoyed to sit in a camp chair reading my Bible and drinking coffee while a cool mountain breeze tickled my face.  I was overjoyed to jump into that cool green lake, to ride fearless behind the boat and feel the thrill of jumping a wake.  I was overjoyed to wear only a bathing suit and flip flops all week.  I was overjoyed to sit in the shade reading Anne of Avonlea and dreaming of a one-room schoolhouse.  I was overjoyed to listen to the twilight descend, to see the Milky Way, The Big Dipper, and a bevy of stars adorn the sky each night.  I was overjoyed to indulge in nightly s’mores and bonfires.
Am I sore? Oh yes.  Am I ridiculously tan? Oh yes.  Did I hurt my tailbone jumping off a 45 foot high bridge?  Definitely (that is what happens when you give up out of fear halfway down and close your eyes to let gravity take you),
Did I love it? Yes.  
Sharing this experience with hubby made it all the sweeter.  He is hooked.  He didn’t bat an eye that I only washed my hair in the Lake once and that I did NOT shave my legs the entire week.  Red clay mud stuck to my feet?  No problem.  Briads, buns, and hats?  But, of course.
Shasta, you complete me.
P.S. I will be posting some camping How-To’s this week.
{Where is your favorite camping spot?}

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