{How I cut my Energy Statement to 1/3 the Cost}

** The Working Wife Diaries is where I talk about housework, home management, homemaking, and doing it while working.  Tips and tricks are greatly appreciated 😉
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I did it!  Woo Hoo!
I have trying to save money here and there as much as possible.  I figure that saving small amounts of money in multiple areas adds up to saving lots of money.
One way I decided to do this was through our Energy statement.
When we first moved into or rental we were averaging about $40 a month and sometimes higher in the winter months.
Here is how I cut that down to an average of $20 or less per month.
1. I dry my clothes outside on the line or inside on hangers and a drying rack.
2. I unplug appliances and turn off power strips:  This includes my computer, the TV, the wireless router, the microwave and coffeemaker, the power strip in the craft room, and the power strip that our bedside lights and phones get plugged into.
3. We only leave lights on at night in the rooms we are in.  We only use lights if there isn’t enough natural sunlight.  We turn lights off as soon as we are done.
4. We use the heater as little as possible.  We actually shut the pilot light off a few days ago and I am eager to see what difference that makes.
5. I use a corck-pot when I can to cut down on the energy from my stove.
6. I also turned down the temperature on the hot water heater the other day, so we will see if that makes a difference as well.
The result is that we save money and I actually get excited to see our energy statements each month.  Unlike our water statements; those are icky!
My next step in utility savings is to contact waste management about getting a smaller trash/recycling can!
{How do you save money on utilities?}

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