{Bloom Where You are Planted}

As I sit here, drinking tea and munching on the banana bread I made last night, I am contemplating this phrase from my morning Bible study reading.
“Bloom where you are planted”
The windows are open and the cool foggy air has left me in sweats and Uggs as I attempt to cool down my house before the day warms up.
The plants have been watered, the trash collected, my clean clothes attempting to dry in the moist morning air.
I have some choices right now.  I could dwell on the past three days I spent in Nor Cal.  I could long for those hot, sunny mornings and the huge backyard where I can read and play to my heart’s content.  

Or, I can be grateful for where I am now; for where I have been planted.
I could complain about the foggy sky, the cold nights, and the bare hills.  Or, I can make the most of my life here.

After all, I love this small-town life.  
What good does it do for me to wish that this town would transplant itself in the topography of Northern California?  What good does it do me to wonder, over and over, if I will ever live up north again?
It does no good.  It stunts my current growth.
True, my friends here are few. True, it is hard to grow roots in new soil, but I have to try.  If I am always longing for my old soil, then I will never adjust.
Just like my tomatoes, growing so abundantly on the back patio, it doesn’t REALLY matter where they are planted.  My friend Megs has hers in raised garden beds, some people put them straight into the earth, sometimes they are grown in greenhouses, or small pots.  Mine or in a halved wine barrel.  Still, they flourish.
This isn’t going to be easy and I’m not always going to get it right, but I want to focus on the here and now instead of always looking backward and longing for the redwoods and rivers of my past.
I want to bloom where I am planted.
{Have you ever had to bloom somewhere that wasn’t your no.1 choice?}

2 thoughts on “{Bloom Where You are Planted}

  1. You have no idea 🙂
    I lived 12 years in a place where I always felt on the edge: the edge of friendships, the edge of acceptance, the edge of happiness. I'm not sure I ever bloomed there, but the Lord sure did a lot of pruning and grafting in those 12 years.

    Those years prepared my for a cross-country move of faith: no job, no connections, and no prospects. Learning to trust Him allowed me to let go of my need to be accepted, and be willing to try things I never would have attempted in the grafting place.

    Now I am in full bloom–more colorful than I ever could have imagined, grateful to God for bringing me through the hard years and into the glorious now.

  2. I totally know what you are talking about…I am there now, but I am trying to make the best of it. I'm looking to get involved and trying to find things that make me happy in this place that God has planted me for a while.

    I long to back in SLO, that small town you find yourself in right now, with those same friends I miss so dearly! You may not have a ton of friends right one, but they are really good quality friends…and that is what matters! Plus once you start having babies of your own you won't be able to keep up with a ton of friends.

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