{Why Watching "House Hunters" while House Hunting is a Bad Idea}

This image, taken from my phone in a moment of supreme frustration, pretty much explains everything.

That is, if you live in California.  Then you will understand.

If you live in the same town as me, you’ll sympathize even more.

I am pretty sure that is a twin to the Father of the Bride house.  Hubby and I could buy this house, like right now, and have totally reasonable payments.

But, we’d have to move to Kansas. And name our dog toto and our daughter Billy-Sue.

Or, we could live in Oregon, or the midwest, or pretty much anywhere in the South for half of what is costs to buy a home here in good ol’ Cali.

Sure, we are paying for the sun, and the surf, and  to be near family.  But oh, the homes and the land that would be available to us elsewhere.

The people on House Hunters make me sick:

1. “I don’t like these brass light fixtures.”
Really? Don’t you have a Home Depot there?

2. “I’m not sure about this paint color.”
Are you allergic to work?  Have you heard of paint?

3. “This entire kitchen needs to be gutted.”
What?! It was built in 2004 and has brand new cabinets and appliances?!

Is the do-it-yourself craze purely a west coast thing? I am pretty sure these people would puke and run screaming from the homes hubby and I are looking at, especially when they realize that these tiny 1,000 square foot fixers with piddly yards are 100,000 over their budgets.

So, I think I should stop watching House Hunters. I love to imagine, to dream, to take ideas from the incredibly inexpensive and cheap homes I see.  But, watching this show while looking for homes in SLO?  Not such a good idea.

{If you could live anywhere, where would it be?}

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