{What’s Plan B? You don’t have a Plan B?!}

I am a plan A type of gal.  I mean, why waste your time, right?  Make a plan and get ‘er done I always say.
Actually, I don’t always say that.  I am pretty sure that phrase belongs to someone else.  Someone in a Camo hat.  I have a camo hat, but still, I didn’t make up that phrase.
The point is that I am a go-getter.  When I have “ideas” they are really plans.  Hubby has (thankfully) begun to understand this. Now he knows why I become sad when we don’t go on the hike that I mentioned earlier in the week.  He think ideas are just ideas. Silly boy.  Ideas are plans.  And, if they are plan A, they must be written in stone.
Imagine my chagrin when my current Bible Study book talked about letting go of our Plan A. What? Gasp!  I would rather let go of the half dome cables as I am climbing up slippery granite rock at a 90 degree angle.  Ok. Not really.  I haven’t even rounded up enough guts to scale half dome.  But, you get the picture.
What my palsy walsy Elizabeth George said was that we have to be willing to allow Plan B to happen.  Ok, maybe, I thought.  We have to thank God for Plan B.  Oh, all right, I conceded.  We have to remember that our Plan B is God’s Plan A. Whoa! What the?! Yikes! Conviction.
How obvious is this truth? I mean like totally duh, right?
Despite the simpleness of this truth, it is something I must work at daily, hourly, moment-to-moment.  I like my plans.  I mean, they are pretty good plans if I do say so myself.  But, who am I to say that my plans are better than God’s?  No one. I am no one.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Here are some of the Plan A’s(me) and the Plan B’s(God) in my life.
1. Move out after HS and go to college turned into live at home all four years.  I actually got into Cal Poly as a transfer student, but still didn’t go.  Lo and behold I live in that very town now. hmmmm.
2. Teach Middle School forever.  I taught middle school for 2 years, was involuntarily transferred to HS, and am now voluntarily returning to middle school. hmmmmmmm.
3. Get married at 21. Have babies by 23. Have all 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) by age 30.  I wasn’t married until 27, I have no children, and I obviously have no control over any future children’s gender. hmmmmm.
4. My current plan A’s are: buy a house, get a puppy, have a baby, be a work-from-home-mama.  We will see what God decides, eh? I think that will make me less stressed out and stressful.  It may also prevent me from writing facebook posts like this: “No pets allowed in rentals was invented by cruel evill people with hearts of stone. I am so sorry adorable little black and white flufball of love at petsmart.”  I should really stay away from PetsMart. I should really stop slyly suggesting that Hubby take a short cut to Costco through the PetsMart parking lot on Saturday’s.  I really should.

{What Plan B’s has God given you?}

One thought on “{What’s Plan B? You don’t have a Plan B?!}

  1. plan A- work in the “inner city”… plan b-there are farms outside my classroom door. but now i realize i very much dislike the city, so it was kind of a silly plan A.

    plan A- all natural, no drugs birth… plan B-epidural, pitocin, and a c-section 😦 but in the end elizabeth is here and thats all that matters!!

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