{Getting Thrifty With It}

I love a good thrift shop.  
I love to imagine all the goodies I can find at thrift shops.
I love totaling my purchases and seeing how cheap everything is.
I recently thrifted some awesome items in town. But, thrifting is not the same by one’s self.  It is much more satisfactory to thrift with another, in order to share the triumphs of the experience.
Hence, a thrifting day with mom in nor-cal.
First stop was the local Habitat ReStore. I had never even heard of this place, but it is UHHHH-MAZING.  Basically, when people remodel, they donate their old stuff to this store.  So you have appliances, cabinets, hardware, ligthing, flooring, paint, basically anything you could need in a house. The best part is that it is all sooo cheap.
 Exhibit A: I purchased this amazing light for about $18!  It was tagged at $45 and then 60% off.  I have nowhere to put it in our current rental, but I know I will use it someday.  Maybe I will mimic The Nester’s awesome light?
Then, I found these old shutters that I intend to paint and use as decor somehow.  I also found the cabinet drawer front that I intend to use for a sign.  These three babies cost me $2.50.  I also bought a lavender plant (not pictured) for $3.
 Next, it was on to a few more typical thrift shops.  Here is what I scored.
An adorable vintage dress that fits *GASP*! What?  Inconceivable. I spent three hours downtown the other day attempting to find a dress and NOTHING fit.  That is my punishment for being 5′ 1″.  However, 2 minutes in a thrift shop, and I found this lovely thing. 
This is one of those thinking ahead purchases. Like waaaaaay ahead. So don’t start any rumors.  I thought these records, well mainly the covers, would look awesome as wall art in a kid’s room.  What do you think?  They were 40 cents each.
(I apologize for any songs that may be incessantly running through your head after that last pic.)
Onward we went.  I found this great tin wall hanging for $2. The vintage books ( a weakness of this nerdy bookworm/English teacher) for $1-$3 each. Excuse my pathetic kodak point and shoot.
 The milk glass vase was $1 and the random aqua swan was $2.  Hubby was really sweet and agreed that it was a “really cool color”.  Bless that man.
 This basket was a handful of change. Someday I will have chickens and will use this to gather my eggs.
 Oh. my. goodness.  Here is another nerd alert.  So, I have two spoons.  Not the kind you eat with; I have tons of those.  I have two of the kind you collect.  One is from Minnesota and one is from Kauai.  I wish I’d thought of collecting spoons when I was younger.  I was probably cool back then . . . or something.  Anyway, I found this spoon rack for $1.50.  Add a little spray paint and it will warm my heart.  Oh, and some more spoons of course.
 Need I say anything about the white vase?  I already own a variety of them.  What is one more for 50 cents?
 To spray paint or not to spray pain this lovely frame?  That is the question.
 This was hubby’s favorite purchase.  However, it won’t be his fave after I beat him mercilessly at this game!
 It was $2 for the future joy I will have in winning.

{What is your favorite thing to buy at thrift stores?}

2 thoughts on “{Getting Thrifty With It}

  1. Ohhh I am SO jealous of your amazing finds! I don't even bother with thrift stores around here – they are gross and I have terrible allergies anyways.

    I'm your newest follower, I found you on Gussy Sews Community! So glad I did – now I get to drool over your new stuff!


  2. Love your thrifting finds! I could think of a million things to do with all of your great purchases. I wish I had more time for thrifting. Maybe you should consider being a personal thrifter.

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