{The Back Forty}

OK.  So, I don’t have 40 acres.  Actually, I don’t have any acres.  But, my hubby and I went “home” for a glorious 4 day weekend to celebrate the 4th with my family.  
I guess it isn’t really home anymore, but it is my hometown and the home I lived in for over 18 years.
We spent a lot of time in the backyard, which does not consist of 40 acres, but is still spacious and beautiful and the yard to which I compare all yards.
It really throws a stick in the spokes of our home hunt.  I have ridiculously unreal expectations when it comes to yards.  I was ruined by my childhood yard, I suppose.
However, I wonder when it became “normal” to have a matchbox sized yard?  When did grass and dirt and trees become luxuries?  When did square footage begin to override acreage?  Give me a tiny bungalow on a lovely plot of land any ol’ day.  I’ll cram the kids in at night and let them run free during the day.  I’d like it better that way.
To help you understand my dilemma of finding an adequate yard for our someday home, here is what I grew up with.
 2. Made this sign for our garage years ago when I was only an amateur crafter.
 3. Ahhhh, learning to golf in the backyard.  I think my parents share my love of Vintage.  There are vintage golf signs and an old metal egg basket to hold the golf balls.  It’s genetic.
 4. I think my laundry line propensities are genetic as well.
 5. Gardens galore!
 6. Grass, Grass, Grass.  Every house I look at with hubby, I say, “I would rip this out and put in a lawn.” He laughs.
 7. Lovebird swing.
 8. A creek full of oak trees, deer, squirrels, the occasional wild pig and lost dog, and possibly some poison oak.
 9. Space for Bocce, croquet, Badminton . . .
 10. Plenty of room for outdoor entertaining.
 11. Roses are red.
 12. Mother’s Day gifts of the past: handmade birdhouses.
 12. The “South Lawn” is where I will be taking my tea today, Jeeves.
 13. If hubby had known less people and if I had a smaller family, we may have been married here.
 14. The tree house did not always look so dilapidated.  We had many a sleepover in that tree house.
 15. We also slept in the play house.  In fact, my little brother attempted to move into the playhouse one summer.  Now, it is my mom’s tea house and is filled with items gifted from my grandmother who passed away this year.  She was a tea paraphernalia collector extraordinaire.
 16. The side yard.  Nothing was ever done with this. I had many plans for this area since my bedroom window overlooked it.  I am envisioning a massive vegetable garden.
 17. Basketball, Ping-Pong?
And that, my friends, is what I call a backyard.  

{What is your favorite thing about your yard or outdoor space?}

2 thoughts on “{The Back Forty}

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth Jenny! I suppose beginning my career in LA does not bode well for my dreams of a big backyard (I don't know if you ever visited the Maudlin home but we had 2 big acres that were my kingdom) but I'm not giving up so I am happy you share my feelings.

  2. What a gorgeous yard! I can imagine you and your siblings spent lots of time out there letting your imagination guide you. Loving the bench, grass, hammock, tea house. lots of room for family and friends get togethers. 🙂

    My favorite thing about my outdoor space is our current bbq. haha, the bf loves it and we've only got an apartment balcony. I hope one day our home has lots of space like your parents house.

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