{The Gym Myth}

I have begun to think that gym memberships are the great deception of our generation. We have been bamboozled my friends!
We seem to believe that we NEED a gym membership in our to be healthy and fit.  But really, do we? Do we need a thighmaster to be absurdly young looking, Susanne?  Do we need to Sweat to the Oldies to be cool?
I mean back in the day, before elliptical machines and group classes, how did one stay fit?
By walking, by moving, by being busy.
Our problem is that we have couches, and t.v.’s, cars, and computers rather than washboards, gardens, and a mile long walk into town. Insert one of my many fantasies regarding living on a farm in a log cabin. sigh.
So, as I thought along these lines, I almost canceled my gym membership. (I am obsessive about saving money right now).  I didn’t, however, follow through.  I decided to finish out the year, especially since I know have more free time and don’t have to go to the gym after a full day of working with  100’s of adolescents whose last desire on earth is to discuss metaphors.  Although sometimes sweating and doing face punches in kick boxing is good therapy.
I plan to learn all I can from the classes I take and then recreate it at home once I stop attending the gym.  I am all about classes right now.  It is all I do.  I was so incredibly bored by doing the same thing I had been doing for the past 7 years.
Here is my current schedule:
Monday: Groove class (you know how I love to dance: bow chica bow wow)
Tuesday: Outdoor exercise (hike, walk, bike, etc.)
Wednesday: Step class (my burning calves prove that this is not merely an old lady class)
Thursday: Cycling (so excited to get some cycling shoes today)
Friday: Zumba (yet another opportunity to shake it!)
I am o.k. with missing a day if something comes up.  I am way more into having fun and building relationships than maintaining a perfect body. There was a time when I would panic if I missed a day.  I am so glad I am not like that anymore.  
Although, I was a bit devastated when I put on my wedding dress two weeks ago for our ROCK THE DRESS photo shoot, only to hear hubby say, “It’s going to rip” as he laced me up.
“What?!” I exclaimed, horrified, “This is supposed to happen after 4 kids, not after 8 months of marriage!!!!
I suppose it was all that running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I planned a wedding in 9 weeks while teaching summer school and directing VBS that led to an abnormal amount of weight loss right before my wedding. Thank goodness is was a lace up and not a zip up.  Much more forgiving!  Phew!
It might also have been the fact that the gym became extremely boring to me immediately after becoming Mrs. Nanninga, or that eating delicious food on my honeymoon made me negligent of anything remotely resembling a diet.
For now, I will enjoy my classes and try to store all the moves in my brain, so that someday I can work out at home.  I do own Just Dance for Wii now, and let me tell you, it is a work-out!

{How do you like to exercise?}

One thought on “{The Gym Myth}

  1. I love classes too! I was on a big step class kick for a long time. It's so much fun. I'm currently running a lot (training for some runs) and doing a weight training class.

    If you're looking to do a little workout at home, the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is really good. She is tough!! And the workouts are tough too. I think you can get the dvd for like $10. Highly recommend. 🙂

    Wedding planned in 9 weeks?!?! oh my

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