I am 28 today!
What?! Eek!! How did that happen?!
Hubby woke me with a kiss and a Latte from Starbucks.  He wished me a “Happy Birthday” and made me breakfast.  What a love bug.
Last night, my sweet girlfriends “kidnapped me” and showered me with girl time that included the following: talking, eating ridiculously decadent cheesecake, and super-gluing our fingers together making button earrings.  I am so grateful for them.
Isn’t it funny how our birthdays change.  I remember counting down for months prior to the big day, the excitement mounting each day, as my birthday drew nearer.  I remember silver birthday signs taped to my bedroom door, balloons and streamers hanging from the kitchen light fixture, cakes, parties, dinners out, presents galore.  
Remember . . .
Party Hats (Dad, Me, Maid of Honor)
Licking the cake bowl/beaters. My obsession with chocolate began early. (whoa, I think I see my nephews sneaky face here!)
Going to neighborhood birthday shindigs.
Remember Middle or High School when the school would send you a card, your girlfriends would buy you balloons and bring a cake to school?  I remember one infamous birthday cake making fiasco.  We took it out of the pan too early and it fell apart.  We “glued” it together with frosting.  She was never the wiser. Birthdays rock! (Unfortunately no pictures could be posted of this event since, at the age of 28, I am a member of the non-digital age of photography during my childhood and teenage years).
Remember growing up and doing things on your own for your birthday, such as camping in Tahoe with your girlfriends, accidently setting up tents on an ant hill, and convincing your two City friends that camping is “fun”!
This year, I barely thought about my birthday. Almost forgot in fact!
Birthdays have, however, always been important to me.  I like to plan big things for others: Surprise parties, scavenger hunts for presents, awesome gifts, etc.
Someday, if I am blessed with children, I plan to make birthdays a big deal.  I want my kids to wear a crown every year!  Why? Because it is their birthday! Duh.


I plan on doing some b-day Zumba, having dinner with my family (who are coming into town for a baby shower and then a wedding this busy weekend} and chillin.
{What is your favorite birthday tradition?}

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