{What I Wear and How and I Get it For Less}

Who doesn’t like a bargain, right?
Well, I may like a bargain more than your average consumer.
My hubby is convinced that I shop with a gun.  How else could I obtain the ridiculous deals I do, he reasons.
I, on the other hand, think it is genetic.  I loooove talking to my mom about the deals she found.
Sometimes it requires coupons, exchanges, major sales, etc.  Other times, it is sheer luck skill.
It is not an uncommon thing for us to watch the clothes being rung up and find that there are additional discounts being applied. Just your average shopping trip for us, really.
I remember the time I bought a sweater from Old Navy for under $2, and the time I bought us down pillows that would have been over $300, but I got them for less than $60.
It warms my heart. Really.
Since marriage, I have sorta become a tightwad.  The clothes shopping I once did is a thing of the past.  Occasionally, I buy something new, but only at a great price.  Here are some tips for keeping your shopping trips cheap and still coming away with some great pieces!
1. Forget brand names.  Who cares if your dress was from Anthro or Ross? Not me!  I am more proud of the price tag than the brand name.  Check out this dress comparison.
I found mine at Ross for $11.  Compare it to THIS one at gap!  I secretly think mine is cuter anyway!


Paired with this jewelry from  Forever 21, the whole outfit was about $13.
2. Shop the sales and the clearance racks! This is especially beneficial when a store is switching seasons!
I got this top in green and white for about $5 at Old Navy.  Compare it with this blouse from Banana.
3. Search for coupons and discounts online.  I have often found additional promo codes online by doing a google search!
I found this dress at Ross as well.  Compare it to this from antrho or the one below from Urban.

{What are your shopping tips?} 

4 thoughts on “{What I Wear and How and I Get it For Less}

  1. I hit Goodwill first. Find out which days the new stuff is put out and which store gets the most stuff from wealthy areas. You would not believe the name brand stuff with tags still attached. Look the size tag (on the waistband or neck), too. If it's flat, that means the item has never been worn/washed.
    The last time I went I scored about $300 worth of new stuff for under $50. (Really handy when clothing a family.)

  2. I don't really have any shopping tips. I just don't do it very often, haha. But I am a big fan of your tips. Love checking out Ross and making sure I check the clearance rack at department stores before I leave. I also like consignment shops. I've found that items that stand up to wear longer {jeans, jackets, etc} I can get for a pretty good deal and still have a lot of life in them. Also sometimes I am able to get the name brand/style of jeans I wouldn't normally be able to afford.

  3. Good scores… I like being thrifty, too. The other day I scored 3 almost new pairs of jeans for about $16 total. And I just thrifted a sweet vintage Laura Mae blouse for only $3. I like to know what I'm looking for for my wardrobe… that helps me to not get a bunch of things I don't need. I love Ross and Marshalls for sure as well. I wanted a white pintuck blouse and happened to come upon a perfect one at KMart on clearance the other day. You just never know where things will show up. 🙂

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