{My New Hobby: Canning}

I attempted something new this weekend: Canning
I was given a multitude of supplies and my sister-in-law and I used them for our first ever canning experience.
I come from a long line of women who canned, but had never done it myself.  This probably has something to do with the fact that I live in suburban California while many of said women ancestors lived on farms in places such as Minnesota.
By the end of the day Saturday, here is what we had accomplished:
3 pints watermelon rind preserves
2 pints kiwi preserves
4 pints apple butter
 9 Apples
 Peeled, Cored, and Sliced by this baby.
 Save the peels to bake in cinnamon and sugar and add to oatmeal.
 Ridiculous amounts of sugar.
 Heavenly Smells.
 Large Pots.
 Pretty Jars.
1 quart lemon preserves
2 pints pineapple salsa
It was actually quite easy and very fun.
We loved it so much that we did some more work yesterday.  My sis-in-law came over and her little one took a nap while we picked an absurd amount of lemons from my magical lemon tree. Seriously, it doesn’t even look like I picked anything!
Then we made 7 quarts of lemonade concentrate!  Lemonade from our tree is one of my favorite things and since we can’t possibly use all of the lemons from our magical tree before some fall off and rot, this is a great way to use and save them.  I even saved all the zest and pulp for cooking!  I’m oddly into saving EVERYTHING right now.
waste not, want not.
Attempting to drain the pulp.
Zester Extraordinaire.  She said it was like being in the 1800’s because we were making homemade things from scratch, canning, and we had our laundry hanging on my ingenious laundry line out back.
1 cup of water boiled with 1.5 cups of sugar until sugar dissolves.  Then add 1.5 cups of lemon juice.  I did 8 cups of water.  You can do the math. EEK!  
Once the sugar is dissolved you add in the lemon juice.  Let it cool and place in jars to be refirgeratered.  I am sure you could freeze it, but not in the pretty glass jars. Unless you want a sticky explosion.
Then, to drink: Add at least 5 cups of water to the recipe. (I suggest tasting it and possibly adding more). or you can do 1/3 cup of the concentrate to 1/4 cup (again taste) water for a personal glass.
We also experimented with adding some crushed mint and some Vanilla!
 I sacrificed my fingers for this project.  I hate dry/pruney fingers!  This is exactly why hubby does the dishes or why I wear ridiculous gloves when I MUST wash the dishes myself.  I am pretty sure that I am traumatized from this pruney experience.
Wouldn’t these make a lovely gift?  Why are things in glass so pretty? Sigh. 
{what would you can?}

One thought on “{My New Hobby: Canning}

  1. I've been dying to start canning!!! I am really hoping to do some this summer. I've heard some great recipes for spaghetti sauce and for tomato soup as well. The lemonade sounds delicious!!

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