{Inspired on a Thursday: My Classroom}

I have gradually entered into the world of Pinterest.  I am too scared of becoming obsessed to allow myself free reign.  Today, I looked up some classroom ideas.
I visited my new classroom yesterday and was reminded of how OLD the school I am heading to is.  The room has been used for a variety of classes by the same teacher for many many years.
It lacks carpet, cabinets, shelves, white boards, etc.
So, I am envisioning a complete remodel to make it cute, cozy, and accessible to learning.
Oh, to teach in a one room schoolhouse like the ones that still exist in Montana (no lie), or to teach in a barn like Franz from Little Men. Sigh.
I have my work cut out for me, but I am excited to see the end result!  Here are the most inspiring ideas I found via Pinterest.

I plan to:
1. Paint the walls a pale teal color.
2. Obtain a white board or spray paint over the green chalkboard with black chalkboard paint and use chalkboard pens (I can not abide chalk).
3. Cover all bulletin boards with fabric.
4. Create organized (and spray painted) shelves for my classroom library (6 boxes full of books).
5. Create a reading area, exile island area (for easily distracted students: aka middle schoolers), and teacher area.  Organization will be my motto.
6. Create a fun and inspiring yearbook nook.
7. Separate areas with banners.
8. Hang fun, motivating, and inspirational posters.
9. Find some clearance or thrifted rugs, storage bins,  and bookshelves.
10. Decorate boring file cabinets with magnets and fun prints.

2 thoughts on “{Inspired on a Thursday: My Classroom}

  1. I am loving your ideas! and that first classroom, I die! So fun and cheery. I would love to drop my kids off in a classroom like that some day. What grade do you teach?

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