{What I Made Monday}

** This Monday is a bit different.  This time, I made memories.  I made them with my hubby in one of my favorite places: Yosemite!

Hubby came home on Friday and we decided to leave that night rather than wait until the morning.  Two hours later we were packed and on the road.  I called hotels from the road and we stayed at a super classy Super 8 in Madera. That’s how we roll, yo!
Bright and early the next morning we drove the remaining 2 hours to the valley floor and put our names on the list for a fist-come first-serve camping spot.  We were number 26.
Then, after making some sandwiches and packing some snacks we rode our bikes to Happy Isles and hiked the mist trail to Vernal Falls.  I have renamed it the rain trail, since water was running down my legs and our shoes were soaked.  We lunched at the top while watching the powerful water cascade across smooth granite.

 Cute, babe, cute.

 My short legs are a little sore today after these.

 Ignore the stash . . . oh me oh my.

 We got jipped. Found the end of the rainbow and NO pot of gold!

 See the trail?

Then, we continued on up to Nevada Falls (a favorite of mine) and relaxed in the sunshine and the glorious views. We took another short mile long jaunt up the path and then returned in order to be back at 3 for the campsite verdict.

 If you know my fear of cliff edges (not heights, just edges) then you realize that this picture is a big deal.
31 spots opened up in North Pines (way better location that the typical non-reservation sites) and we set up camp next to a lovely river that lulled us to sleep later that night. Praise the Lord!
We rode bikes around the valley, made burgers, read by the campfire, ate s’mores (yes plural) and played games by lantern light.  Sigh. Marvelous.  I was born to camp.  I love the smell of campfire smoke and dirt and sunshine and sweat. mmmm. Love it.

 I am sorta obsessed with meadows.

 This is where we will retire.  They are houses. Homes, whose backyard view is half dome!

We slept  (off and on) and woke up to realize that my small tent (we left the nice big new one at home) is the “well ventilated” version.  Oops.  Forgot to read the small print.  
A short bike ride and some coffee and Bible reading in one of the Awahnee nooks began our day.  The some eggs and sausage revved us up for more fun.
We broke down camp and went for another bike ride. We checked out the mighty upper and lower Yosemite falls which blasted onlookers with icy mist. We rode to the chapel (the location of most of my childhood wedding fantasies) and hubby conversed with the Pastor who is a legit believer!

We stopped by the Happy Isles webcam to wave to my family back in Santa Rosa. Trippy!  Then we splurged on ice cream at Curry Village. mmmm. Mocha Almond Fudge you are delish!
Glacier Point was a must and we surveyed God’s majestic handiwork from intimidating cliff edges. We then ventured on a snow-covered path to Sentinel Dome.  A 360 degree view of a glorious landscape.

 ummm ya . . . Big Bang?  I don’t think so. CREATION BABY!

 Rose, Jack . . . I am on top of the world.  Sea level is NOT on top of the world.

 It would be scary to be on half dome right now. Shrouded in clouds.

 I think I was going for a “why the heck am I hiking in the snow with shorts on?” pose.

After a quick lunch atop the Dome it was time to head home.  What a wonderful weekend of hiking, relaxing, exploring, and bonding with one another. The weather was amazing and the scenery unparalleled.
We played car games on the way home.  20 questions, the alphabet game, story swapping (we took turns creating a story). Our story involved a girl named Petunia, a pig named Sparky, a broken leg, a mud trough in a bathtub, and an overheating truck. I am pretty sure it will be a bestseller.
By the by.  There are 3 turns between our home and the valley floor of Yosemite. No lie. 
Now. Everyone go to Yosemite. Do it!

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