Today is a day of changes.
The school year is officially over.
I am not teaching summer school for the first time in 5 years.
I am not working during the summer for the first time in 13 years.
I will no longer be teaching High School.  
Seriously.  My room is packed up and I turned in my key.
I will be returning to Judkins Middle School.
I student taught at Judkins and then started my teaching career there with 2 years of teaching 7th grade.  I loved it.  Adored it.  I saw myself there long term.
Then, California had budget issues. Then they cut school funding. Then I received a pink slip.  Then, miraculously, God provided me with a job at Arroyo Grande High School.  I was oh so thankful, but it was also oh so hard to leave Judkins.  The people there cared about one another. The school was fun. The kids rocked.  But, I had no choice and no say.
I put in a transfer request the past two years, not expecting much.  I mean, the budget was still in the dumps after all.  Then, I received an e-mail telling me a position was open at Judkins.  My heart leapt.  God is so good.
So, although there have been a lot of changes at Judkins the past two years, I am so excited to return.  
I am excited to be at a school where teachers actually talk to one another and even throw baby showers and going away parties for one another.  A school where people work together instead of isolating themselves.
Honestly, I think only two people at the High School said good bye to me.  There are over 100 teachers.  I taught there for two years.  You can see why I wanted to leave. I cried when I left Judkins.  No tears now.
Also, I like Middle Schoolers.  Crazy, I know.  Some people just like it better.  So, Praise the Lord, I am back!  
Yes, it meant packing up and moving my classroom for the third time in four years of teaching, but I can’t complain.  It is a chance to start fresh and I have all summer to prepare.
Let the games begin! Here are some of the many reasons that I love Middle School.


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