{ Inspired on a Thursday: Kitchens}

Someday, my kitchen will look like this . . . this . . . or this!

For now, it looks like this.

**DISCLAIMERS: Disregard the dishes; Hubby is doing them as we speak.  That big stack of papers by my computer?  Period 6 essays . . . ungraded . . . at 9:30 p.m. oops.  I have senioritis. Wait . . .
The random black thing on the wicker chest? An electric air pump for blowing up air mattresses.  More on that later 🙂

I am content.  I have more cabinet space than ever before.  I have windows that fill it with light. I have an oven that doesn’t explode in my face or singe my arm hairs off. No lie.

If this was our HOME, not our RENTAL, then we would paint the cabinets white, put in a new floor, buy a dishwasher, and a new lamp.  

For now, we smile at the hole in the floor and we dance to country music while we hubby washes dishes, and we relish the bliss and the imperfection that is newlyweddom (yes, I made up that word. Shakespeare did it and so can I)!
You know, since I am totally in the same class as Shakespeare.
{What would you do to your kitchen if you had the dough?}

P.S. I am linking up with Gussy Sews!  Hop on over for some more kitchen inspiration!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


2 thoughts on “{ Inspired on a Thursday: Kitchens}

  1. Oooo I love the yellow and turquoise one the best! But your right now kitchen is just lovely too! I especially liked all your colorful aprons!

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