{Keepin’ it Hot}

I don’t want to succumb to the doldrums of married life. 
I don’t want to forget the fun, passion, and eagerness to be married that existed in our dating days.
It can happen.  I could worry too much about meals, cleaning, and nesting.  I could. Not that I ever would. No. Never. I would never ignore my hubby when he walked in the door because I am cleaning or crocheting or e-mailing.
Ok. I confess.  It was a dark and rainy Tuesday and the house was just so cluttered.  I had to keep working.  I just had to! (Insert hysterical sobbing).
I want to keep the romance alive! Ok, a bit dramatic.
Here is what inspired this post.
And here are the reminders I have around the house  that help keep it H-O-T in the Nanninga household.

My parents gifted us with these two signs from our trip to the local strawberry festival.

The first is in our family room as part of the gallery wall. 


The second is in our bedroom across from our bed. If I am ever mad at hubby at bedtime.  You know, sometime, in the distant future. Pshaw. I would never be mad at him now. Who me?  Anyway, he might say, “Think about the sign across from us. What does it say?”
This note is so special to me and I keep it on the fridge so that I will remember how sweet hubby is.

Our honeymoon calendar reminds us of how fun our honeymoon was.  It inspires us to keep that fun alive.


{Have you kissed your man lately?  I mean kissed. Not pecked.  No pecking allowed}

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