{Cleaning with a timer}

Are you ready for a new series?  I figured, since this is a newlywed-crafty-christian-random-blog thingy that I should talk about some practical newlywed stuff. You know: cleaning, cooking, running errands, loving our husbands. The usual. Oh, and working full-time.  There is that too. 

I know I have only been married a mere 8 months and that the amazing book of Titus tells the older women to teach the younger.  I’ve got the older part nailed down (28 in a few weeks, eek!), but I am still new to this wifey thing.  

I like to think I am learning a lot however, and I want to pass on the tips, tricks, and oh no she didn’t’s in order to spread newlywed bliss, good cheer, and *giggle giggle* World Peace!  OK. Maybe not that last one.

So, to start us off, I have a quick tip for house cleaning.
Lately, I’ve been in a rut.  I thought I was a wife extraordinaire when I was on Christmas break and began following the FlyLady ritual, routine, mantra, whatever you wanna call it.  Then, I went back to teaching. Then, I wasn’t getting home until about 5:30. Then, I was exhausted by the time dinner was made. Then, I started heading to the couch much too early.
I began reading some old, but good books that reminded me of the importance and calling, yes I said calling.  I’ll even one up myself: High calling, of housework!
I became convicted.  With the help of Elizabeth George, FlyLady, The Good Book, and my nifty timer from anthro, I feel like I am getting back on track.
What is my simple tip you ask? Use a timer.  Set a timer.  Today, I set it for 10 minutes of work in the family room.  I probably spent 20, but the timer helped me to work faster. I am sorta competitive.  What? You don’t race inanimate objects?
The timer works wonders.  It makes you think things like:
“Only ten minutes? I got this?”
“Ten minutes? Psh, Mere Child’s play. I am going for 20!”
“Oh ya, timer. You think you’re so cool, ticking away. Well, I’ll show you. Take this. And that!”
Trust me.  Try it.  Tell me what you think!
{What is your favorite housecleaning tool?}

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