{Worth the Wait: A Love Story Part V}

Happy 8 months of marriage yesterday!  Here are links to the rest of our story de amor!
We spent so much time together.

I would watch him play softball.

He would come over for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law.

I visited him for lunch if I had a day off and we’d eat at the beach.
We had Saturday breakfast dates (which we continue to this day).
We hiked.

He built fires in the small fireplace at his apartment.
I’d drive to his house on Sundays so we could walk to church together.

I drove home late a lot.

I didn’t sleep much.

It was marvelous.

I still despised the no kissing rule that was currently in place.  It was even harder because Scott had begun to tease me.  The first time it happened, I was totally unprepared.  One night after my brother and sister-in-law had left from hanging at my tiny Shell Beach apartment, Scott and I were saying our goodbyes.  Suddenly, he came towards me, took my cheeks in his hands and kissed me. But, wait. His thumbs were covering my mouth.  My eyes were huge, my knees weak, and my heart hammering wildly.  
How unfair!  How cruel. Can you do it again, I wondered.  He teased me a few times that way over the next two months and always it would leave my dizzy and longing for the real thing.

He came to my hometown for Thanksgiving and spent time with my family.  He fit right in.  I remember walking into the kitchen one morning. No Scott.  Where was he?

“Mom. have you seen Scott?”

“I think he is in the garage with Dad.”

Oh no!  How awkward.  Trying to converse with my dad alone!  He is probably nervous.  I’ll go save him.

I open the door to the garage to find the two of them bent over the hood of a car, speaking a language unbeknownst to me and having a grand ol’ time.  He hardly noticed me!  I let them be.  What a blessing!  A boyfriend who could hold his own with the fam.  A man I didn’t have to babysit or aide in conversing with my family.  To this day he hangs out with my dad and brothers when I am not around and I never worry about him.  He is so easygoing.
December came around and I went home for a week, anxious about what to get this new boyfriend for Christmas.  I am huge on gift-giving.  It is something I take quite seriously.  The first Christmas is always awkward.  What do you get?  Something heartfelt or not too personal. Expensive?  What if they get you something really nice and your gift to them isn’t as good? Or vice versa?  It was a stressful time.

He came the day after Christmas.  We exchanged gifts.  I had butterflies the whole time.  He loved the North Face pullover fleece, Klean Kanteen (ugh . . . both those words start with C, which is already alliteration. really, people, really?), and Magnetized frame with a coupon in it for a hike.  Oh, and he also liked the itunes gift card and the framed magnet pic of us at the Cal poly football game.  A few days later, after I got over the embarrassment of getting him so many gifts, I gave him a few others.  A nice Gap thermal, a long-sleeved, collared, button-up Gap shirt, and some awesomely soft sweatpants that became a fave of his.  Oh, and the cozy blanket that was really a gift for myself since I was always freezing at the apartment he shared with a friend.

His gifts to me were a new study Bible (my everyday Bible now), a knife set (he had heard me complaining about not having one), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crocheting(he knew I wanted to learn), which earned a loud laugh from my brothers. Who knew that crocheting would become so important to me a short two years later?

The next day we walked to a hiking trail near my house.  We hiked the Shiloh mountain and took in the Oak trees, green hills, redwood covered mountains in the distance and the vineyards below us.  We climbed to the top.  There at the overlook we could see all the way to Alexander Valley.  It was beautiful.  The crisp winter air tasted divine.  We stood at that lookout, Scott behind me with his arms wrapped gently around me and just breathed.
Of course my breathing was probably irregular because I was full of butterflies.  Our relationship was still new and up to this point we had held hands and hugged, but the forbidden kiss was still illusive. It left excitement in the air.
 I still don’t know if it was the scenery, a conscious choice, or the beautiful surroundings that prompted it, but for whatever reason, Scott turned me around and a kiss that had been two months in the making met my lips.  I responded eagerly and there, in the Shiloh hills, we shared our first kiss.

One thought on “{Worth the Wait: A Love Story Part V}

  1. Oh my goodness! I Love you story! I just came across your post at (in)courage (GREAT post, by the way) and I thought I'd click on the link to your site. I had no idea I'd find someone who shares a love story like my me and my husband. We didn't kiss till our wedding day (so many people thought we were crazy) but wow was it incredible. And I just loved that he got along so great with my family ever since I brought him home for the first time! Well enough about us. Congrats to you and your hubby and may God richly bless your love everyday.

    P.S. You've inspired me! I may have to share our love story on my blog! 🙂

    Monique Zackery

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