I once thought I would be a journalist, or perhaps a photojournalist.  I imagined myself working for National Geographic or some travel magazine.  After a brief stint at TAHOE QUARTERLY magazine and a short career as an Athletic Media Intern at Cal Poly, I switched to teaching.  However, I sometimes miss the writing world. 
So, today I have some newsy updates for you from The Sweet Stuff Gazette. Of  course, these news updates will be in first person, and have “,voice”, and will be completely biased.  But, other than that, just like an article 😉
1. I have been winning big this past week!  I am not normally a winner.  Oh, that sounds bad.  I’m not normally a loser either.  What I mean is, I don’t usually win contests. This past week, I won two!  First, I won an adorable clutch from aPEARantly Sew through a giveaway hosted by Eclectic Whatnot.  Woo Hoo!  All those giveaway comments finally paid off.
Then, hubby and I were at Beverly’s.  They were having some sort of event.  They passed out raffle tickets while we were there.  Guess who’s name was called? Mine!  I won an orchid.  Score!  I’m feelin’ lucky!
2. I am going to be featured on VeryJane in September.  Check it out now and sign-up for their daily deal notification.
3. I am going to be writing for (in)courage on June 2nd.  Keep an eye out for that.

4. We are at 28 “official” followers on The Sweet Stuff.  Don’t be shy!  Click the follow button!

5.  My little brother turned 25 yesterday.  Gulp.  When did he get so old?!  When did he get married, and have a baby, and how does he have another one on the way?!  He is still my punk little bro!  I love you Mi and I’m so glad you live only one mile away.

{What is your news?}

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