{Show the Love}

How do I show my man I love him now that we are married?

It is a good question; an importnat question.

It was easy when we were dating. Making him dinner or helping him fold his laundry when he was sick were all “extras”.  They weren’t in my job description yet.

Bringing him coffee in the morning rather than brewing it in our own home seemed sweet and spontaneous. 

Leaving notes on his car was fun and a great surprise for him.

Now, though, I do laundry as a matter of course.  I cook as a matter of course.  I brew coffee and see him every day.

So, how do I continue to SHOW him I love him.
1. I make him a special breakfast some mornings and serve it to him before I leave for work.  I leave almost an hour earlier than hubby, so this doesn’t happen frequently, but seeing him light up when I simply set a cup of OJ or coffee in front of him, makes me happy.

2. I stick notes in his lunch, which I make for him every day.  A card or a post-it to say “Thank-You for working so hard” is always appreciated.

3. I meet him at the door.  I need to do this more.  I am almost always home before hubby, so I can meet him with a kiss.  Sometimes I even run out to him when he pulls up.  This always earns a BIG smile.

4. I ask.  I ask him if he needs anything done that day.  Does he need errands done.  Does he have a special grocery or dinner request?  This week he requested lasagna.  So easy!

5. I set out his clothes.  Now, I know this sounds funny, but two nights a week he is rushed to go somewhere.  Mondays are softball games, which I attend, and Wednesdays he helps with Youth Group.  He has a short amount of time to eat, get ready, and head out the door.  One time, I had dinner waiting on a plate and his clothing all set out for when he returned from the gym.  He went into our room and then came out and wrapped me in a hug. “You set out my clothes!?”.  He loved it.  It showed him that I was willing to serve him. It saved him some time, so he could actually eat instead of waiting until after 9 p.m. for dinner.  This was such an easy task!  So, I repeat it.

It’s easy to get into a routine and to stop doing special things for our hubby’s becuase, well, “the ring’s on the finger”.  However, it si key that we continue to SHOW and not just SAY that we love them.

Here’s to flirting and dating within marriage! Yeehaw!

{How do you show your man love?}


One thought on “{Show the Love}

  1. Not something I have ever thought about before, as I am not married, but what a beautiful concept! That after you're married you get to keep seeking out new ways to love him. I like your ideas. They'll go in my notes for “someday”. Thanks Jenny!

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