{ORLANDO and my extended Vacay}

The first weekend of May, I was at the IRA Reading conference in Orlando with some colleagues.  It was a wonderful time of learning, acquiring resources, and bonding.  I already put some of the strategies I learned into effect in my classroom.  Awesome Possum, eh?
In addition to learning, I R-E-L-A-X-E-D. I wish Aretha had a song for this.  It is the same amount of letters as respect, after all.
Due to the fact that we had separate rooms, my mother was able to purchase her own plane ticket and join me.  I don’t think my mother and I have gone on a trip alone for over five years!  My mom needed a trip.  She has been B-U-S-Y. It was so wonderful to spend some quality time with her.
We stayed here.
Posh rooms, a lazy river, a waterslide, food served poolside as we lounged. A pedi for my mom on mother’s day.
We went to Islands of Adventure and Universal.  We went to Epcot, which made me want to go to France!
We watched The Amazing Race finale while eating dinner in bed.  Then we discovered a show called Coming Home, which reduced us to tears in less that 3 minutes.
It was fabulous.
The plane ride was not so fabulous.  I hate planes. I hate the noises. I hate the weightless feeling and the quiet that reigns right after the steep ascent.  I hate turbulence.  I survived. 
I came home on a Wednesday night with plans to tidy up and get back on track on Thursday.  However, I was still in vacay mode.  I was still imagining 90 degree heat and pools and blueberry lemonade.  So, I went to get a manicure (my nails were super dry, so I think this was a necessity), which turned into a manicure AND a pedicure. 
I got this color.  So different for me.  I think it was the Floridian influence. 
As far as cleaning the house goes. Um, still workin’ on that one.
{Where have you vacationed lately?}

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