Now I am home.
Sorry about the sporadic posting this week.
I was in Orlando from Saturday to Wednesday and just flew in late last night. I didn’t have my computer.  Just my lil’ ol’ Droid and an insufficient amount of knowledge for working it. I’ll post some pics from my fantastic weekend soon! I am picking up my virus-free laptop today! YAY!
This was my first trip away from hubby since our wedding in October.  My first time not sleeping with him at night since our marriage. I missed him.  He missed me.
This is how I could tell he missed me:
1. He had a huge smile he couldn’t hide when he saw me.
2. He hugged me and wouldn’t let go.
3. He giggled a lot.
4. I had to tell him to “watch the road” while driving home, instead of looking at me.
5. He let me talk and talk and talk.
6. He made me breakfast this morning.
7. He hugged me some more.
8. He ate PB and J all week even though I had left him lunch meat and sando fixin’s.  Yup. He needs me.
9. He ate the entire casserole I left him.
10. He showered me with kisses.
He is not full of flowery words, but his emotions show. I love that man and I am so gald to be home.


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