{Worth the Wait: Love Story Part III}

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PART II can be found on the post for Apr 22
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In the following weeks, I saw Scott again at church and for a few group volleyball games.  I became frustrated becuase he didn’t ask for my number. 
“Why doesn’t he man up and ask for my number if he is interested?” I would complain. 
One afternoon, as I was driving downtown, I saw Scott walking down the street.  I waved.  He waved.  My heart beat faster.  He tried to call me, but, lo and behold, he didn’t have my number.  The following Sunday he asked for my number.  Finally, I thought. I gave it to him willingly, but then didn’t hear from him.  Insert more frustration.  However, I wasn’t the only one frustrated this time.  One Sunday in early October my cousin was visiting.  We were heading downtown to one of my favorite shops: The Nest.
“Let’s walk this way; it’s pretty.” I suggested slyly.  Secretly, I wanted to walk that way because I knew that Scott ate lunch by the Mission every Sunday.  As we walked through The Network, I saw him.  I tapped him on the shoulder.  He smiled. He hugged me.  He had never hugged me before.  Late, he would tell me that he didn’t know what came over him. He was just so happy to see me.  We chatted briefly and then parted ways.  That’s when Scott realized something.  He texted me to say thanks for stopping by, but I didn’t respond. R-U-D-E.  A few days later he called me.  Strange dial-tone.  He tried again.  Disconnected number.  That’s when a lightbulb turned on.  Wrong number!  No, I did not give him the wrong number on purpose although to this day he claims I did.  He bravely told me that he thought he had the wrong number when I saw him on the next Sunday.  I looked at his phone.  He was one number off.  We fixed that problem and I heard from him that very night.  I guess he wasn’t being a wimp after all.
He invited me to a Cal Poly football game.  I couldn’t go becuase I was heading to Yosemite for a girl’s trip the following weekend.  We texted back and forth that night while I watched The Amazing Race with my brother and sister-in-law.  I read them everything he said and they helped me phrase my replies.  Childish? yes. Necessary? Yes.  

That next weekend as I cruised in the car on the way to Yosemite, I confessed my new interest in Scott to my girlfriend.
“I totally don’t expect him to contact me this weekend, but I sorta wonder if I’ll hear from him.” I admitted.  I kid you not, no less than ten seconds later my phone jingled, immediately sending my heart into palpatations. It was Scott asking how the trip was going.
I told my girlfiend.  “OOOOO, I like him,” she replied, approving of his thougthful message.
That night we texted a little and he made sure we got into our hotel safely.  The next day, amidst views of granite rock, flourescent orange leaves, and golden pastures, he requested some pics.  So, I sent him phone pictures of my favorite place.  We continued to talk via messages here and there over the course of the next day.  It really made me feel like he was interested.  I wasn’t accustomed to guys being so proactive.  We had yet to go on a one-on-one date and he was checking on me and talking to me.  It felt good.
When I saw him on Sunday, he asked me to the next Cal Poly football game.  With less trepidation than I had originally felt, I conceded.  Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.

To be continued . . . 


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