{Front Porch Mission}

*** My computer is not working again, so I am sending my posts from e-mail. Hence, all the pictures grouped together at the beginning!  Sorry!
I don’t have a front porch.  I have a concrete walkway, two oversized concrete steps, a crooked screen door, and stucco exterior.
We live in a rental.  This limits what we can do to beautify or alter our home.  At times, this is hard for me.  I have so many ideas, plans, and dreams, but I have to wait.  I don’t have the freedom to create and design the home I dream of.  We were able to paint, which I was so thankful for.  I wish I could paint the cabinets, get new fixtures, put in hardwood floors, get a dog.  But, we rent.  Those dreams will wait.
So, I wanted to spruce up my rental “front porch”.  It was part of Flylady’s mission this week and it became mine.
What could I possibly do to spruce up our tiny entrance to our rental home, I wondered? Did I . . .
A. buy a house and purchase a porch set from Pottery Barn
B. build an actual front porch
C. give up and cry
D. Work with what I have

I went with D.  I grabbed a few Mason jars (leftover from my wedding).  I filled them with soil (after hubby got the soil out of the back.  It had been there so long, I was sure it was covered in spiders.  Hubby’s are handy for jobs like this.  They kill spiders.  They light BBQ’s so you don’t explode. They keep you warm.  They eat leftover Shish Kabobs while you plant poppies and then decorate the yard with the charred skewers.  They sorta rock.) 

I filled the jars and sprinkled in some poppy seeds (two words, not one) that I have been waiting to plant for years.  I used my ahndy dandy gardening set from antropologie (a gift from my besties)  I think I will plant some sunflowers today, too.  I only have a bajillion and a half packets left from my wedding (they were the favors).  I’m serious people.  Do you want a packet of sunflower seeds?  No joke. I have tons!
Now, the jars line the barren stucco wall that prevents me from hanging any pretty things upon its hard surface.  Hopefully these blooms will grow and brighten the stark space with color!
You can see our awesome doormat that was a wedding gift from a dear friend.  You can see the basket where we place our outgoing mail.  No mailbox, just a slot in the door. This confounded me for weeks!  How on earth do I send mail, I pondered.  I finally had an epiphany. Now, I love our little mail slot.  I also love it when the mailman has to open our screen dor and throw the mail on the floor when the main door is open.  I especially love it when I am sitting on the couch, or when we are having a superbowl party.  Me and the mailman.  Two peas in a pod. 
We also have a doorknocker and a nail, which will soon hold a Spring Wreath that I am working on.
Someday I want a porch swing and a sitting area where I can read my Bible and drink tea (Ok, LET’S GET REAL HERE: I’d be drinking coffee).  Someday, I will have rows of flowers lining my stone walkway and a white picket fence surrounding my beautiful yard.  Someday.  I’ll be patient until then and rejoice in the fact that I have
 Mason jars and Poppies.

{What do you think?  How can we make our front door and steps more welcoming?} 


One thought on “{Front Porch Mission}

  1. So I found your blog via the Pleated Poppy, and I am reading through and enjoying it… when I realize you are related to Julie! I'm a friend of hers… such a small world! 🙂

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