{How do you Spell Shiskabob?}

Well.  I found a couple of methods for answering the burning question of how to spell Shish Kabob, but this seems the most common.  I know that I am an English teacher, but c’mon, I don’t exactly use Shish Kabob in my everyday vernacular (Boom, howdya like that word?).

Last night I made Shish Kabobs.  Ok, the word is growing on me.  I’m not gonna lie, It is kinda fun to say.

Apron:  Gift from girlfriends (Anthropologie)

 I prepared the Bob’s (we’re pretty close, I call him by his nickname now) early, so that I could drop ’em on the grill when hubby got home.  I make hubby turn on the Q.  I am afraid of blowing up the house.  Trust me, these fears are legitimate!  At my last apartment the stove was from the 1920’s and I had to light it.  One time the oven became engulfed in flames, knocking me backwards and singing off my arm hairs.  Confession: this actually happened twice.  Hence, the heatlhy fear of things exploding.

Oh good: The dead plants didn’t make it in this pic. Phew.

Shish Kabobs are healthy and simple, and fun to say (did I mention that already).  Just choose your veggies, meats, and fruits. I always include pineapple. Pineapple is delicious.  Nature’s candy.  Pile them all on a stick and Q away!  They cook quickly.  If you have a big strapping man like I do, who loves his meat, make a few special meat bob’s for him. 

Exhibit A:  Meat kabobs

I added a yummy and simple summery salad (ooo alliteration) to the meal and waa laa!

I suggest following your Qing experience up with a fun softball game.  Preferrably one where you cheer loudly when the other team drops a fly ball and your team gets on base.  Especially when the people on the other team go to your church and know you.  Oh, and Rhubarb Pie.  Follow it with that as well.

{Are you Qing yet?}

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