{Making Memories}

Once we were married, I repeatedly told hubby that we had to go to Disneyland before kids came along.

We wanted to be able to act like kids at Disneyland, not watch them.

Hubby and I had yet to attend any sort of theme park together.  So when he got invited to the Long Beach Grand Prix, I suggested we make a weekend out of it, and that is just what we did.

We used a Hopper pass so we could experience California Adventure as well.  It was Hubby’s first time. See us in the upper left?

 He likes ferris wheels.

 I DO NOT! (Oh, the things we do for love.)

 Watch out world. We are too cool for school (wait, does that mean I don’t have to go teach today?)

 This was our favorite ride.  We have the same exact pose.  Upper Right.  The kids in front us us were cute.  They were asking about the ride before we got on.  We explained how it worked and the ten year old asked, “Is there time to write a will?!”  Love him.

It was a close one on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! 

Here we are in front of our first home.  I’m not sure what all those people are doing in our driveway. 

Autotopia.  I can’t keep him away from cars. 

Dinner time! arggghhh matey.  I think one of the Pirates escaped. 

Then we crashed.  Actually by 5 p.m. we were dead tired.  We are sorta getting old.  Our feet hurt, our legs were tired, our backs ached, and we tended to get dizzy during the final laps of the roller coasters.  When did this happen?  I remember the days where we would run from ride to ride as children.  This time, I was wishing for a stroller and a nap! 

It was still a blast.  I’m so glad we made this memory.

The other perk was staying at my BFF’s house in Long Beach.  Sara and I have known eachother since before junior high.  We were in eachother’s weddings.  I love her.  We pintereste’d together.  I miss her.  She is going to move to SLO. Yes, Billy. SLO.  The happiest place in America (besides D-Land of course).

{What is your favorite theme park?}

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