{Thursday Faves}

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1. The pioneer woman’s photography assignments.  Right now it is “brothers”.  Oh man.  I cried.  Big ol’ tears bubbling out of my eyes and running down my cheeks, threatening to ruin my mascara.  Which would not be good becuase mascara is pretty much the only make-up I wear.  I actually love everything the pioneer woman does.  She can make even the most mundane situation hilarious. She has some humor skills.

2.Lifewater International.  Our friend works for this nonprofit.  My brother runs triathalons for them. Last night, a missionary for them came to our Growth Group! So Awesome!

3. The Channel Islands.  Ok.  I have never actually been here.  But, I want to go! I am not a vative Central-Coaster, so I didn’t know that these existed!  You can camp on them and hike on them and stuff!  EEEEEEEEEK!  They are islands.  Does that not strike anyone else as incredibly cool?!  I want to have a SURVIVOR weekend on the island.  Adventure, here we come.
4. Black and White.  I’ve always loved this combo.  Remember my bathroom (pretty sure I never did a part 2 of this)?  Well, anyway.  It has been on my mind lately.  As have stripes.  I love these two things.  I saw them on pinterest during the 2 minutes I was on there.  Literally. Only 2 minutes.  I am too scared to give myself free reign.  I might descend to the depths and not come back.

5. Boutiques.  Here is one I just did to.  Here is the one I am doing in 2 weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled for another one in May!


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