{A Cinnamony Morning}


Coffee, homemade cinnamon rolls, and my prayer journal.

Now THIS is a good way to start one’s morning.

I made homemade cinnamon rolls last night and popped them in the oven to bake this morning. MMMMM.

Watch out Cinnabon!  Here I come!

The process was a little, well, sticky.  Literally.

Once I had the dough ready to knead, I reread the directions. 2 packages of yeast?! Ay Carumba.  Praise the Lord I had another package, which I expertly kneaded into the existing dough.  Hubby was skeptical.  Then, the dough began to take my hands captive.  Hubby was washing dishes and I had to repeatedly ask him to pour more flour on the mixture, so that I could actaully knead it.  It was like wearing dough gloves.  I understand what it must be like to be the dough-boy.

I wanted a picture of said hands, but unfortunately, by the time I asked, hubby’s hands were covered in suds.  Mine were immersed in  inch thick sticky dough.  I ifnally got it to a good consistency and left it to rise.

It rose!  Beautifully.  I showed everyone who was over.

Then I punched it down.  Take that and that.  I love punching dough.  It is a good stress reliever.

mmmmmm cinnamon.

ready for the fridge.

delicious and ready for homemade frosting.


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