{6 months later}

On Saturday, hubby and I clebrated 6 months of marriage!  Can you believe it?  I am so blessed to have been married to this man for 6 whole months and I am excited for what the next 6 have in store! 
1. Saturday we rode our bikes through a chilly mist.  I love doing simple things with my hubby. Even if it involves chattering teeth and frizzy hair.
 2. We grabbed breakfast at a local cafe . . . in case you can’t read.  It is in another language after all. Note the emphasis on the e.  Don’t put the wrong empAsis on the wrong SyllAble. (name that movie, anyone?)
 3. We enjoyed this delicious drink of the day!!  COFFEE . . . I love you. In all shapes and sizes.  I don’t discriminate.
 4. We were spontaneous and took our lunch to this spot.  Then we shared a wine tasting!  Tiniest sips of wine each, but still F-U-N! After all, the 2 shall become 1!
 5. The hiiiiiilllllls are alive . . . .  then we drove down backraods and dreamt about the home we would someday have out in the wild open spaces.  It probably won’t be the 3.5 million one we saw that incleded a few stocked lakes and a waterfall . . .
 6. Then we attempted to recreate our honeymoon with a froofy drink.  Hubby took us to the Custom House (yu-u-um) and then to Sycamore Mineral Springs.  He had made reservations and everything.  I was so proud!
I love you more that coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter!  If you know me at all, you understand the profundity of that statement (you also know that I like dropping words like profundity now and again, you know, since I am an English teacher and all)
{How do you celebrate special occasions?}

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