{Favorite Things Thursday}

Today I have one favorite thing!

It is art by my favorite artist: God

Last night He painted the sky with far reaching, stretched out clouds, in hues of pink and gold.

Now, I am not typically a fan of pink, but when it lights up a perfect blue sky and is reflected on the rippling ocean waves beneath, my heart flutters.

The golden light was brilliant, extedning from the horizon and casting a beautiful glow on everything beneath it.

My jaw seriously dropped.

I normally don’t see the sunset at the ocean and in town we see parts of it, but the mountains hide its final moments of glory.

Last night I had parent teacher conferences and I left the school around 7:30.  The weather was perfect and I drove down the highway in awe as I watched my Lord and Savior light up the sky. 

It brought tears to my eyeys, seriosuly.  But that’s normal for me.  I cried twice during Disneyland commercials the other day.  You know, the ones where they show real life videos of kids at Dinseyland.  So touching.  So sweet.  Hubby looked at me funny, but I indignantly proclaimed that is was a beautiful commercial!  Anyway, this sunset was beautiful, tear-worthy beautiful.

Spring is here and the sky seemed to be announcing it.

I took a bagillion pics with my camera phone while cruising down the freeway.  Ya, not safe, oops.  I couldn’t help it!  The pictures don’t do it justice, so you’ll all have to take my word for it and then haul yourselves out to the coast for a sunset soon!

I now know that I want a new camera for my birthday.  That way, during moments like these, I can pull over and snap some legit shots!  I once had an awesome camera and took photography classes, but it is a film camera and they were black and white pics, and we focused on developing our own film.  That’s sorta obsolete now.

Enjoy the photos from my phone and go catch a sunset soon!

Also, enjoy this song, which reminds me of the sunset God provided me with last night!


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