{The Reunion}

I had to e-mail before and after pics to the person coordinating my high school reunion.  yes, I am that old.
I found these!  You may notice that my outfits pretty much consisted of my cheer uniform, jeans, or a sweatshirt.  Reminder: I am from Nor Cal.

Ahhhh sweet innocence!

 My first love.

 BFF’s. The three amigos.  We still e-mail, call, and send gifts on b-days and Christmas!

 We also all look a lot better now, not that we weren’t smokin’ in High School.

 Ya, Loser!  Take that! What a great insult. Like totally for sure!

 My senior rights saved my little bro from freshman woes.  However, it did not save him from being forced to dress up for every spirit day or from wearing my old cheer uniform on Halloween.

 Cute pose, reeeeeal cute.  I like the mouth full of food as well.  I will have you know this was my first 2 piece at age 16.  I am such a rebel.

 I did it. I did it!

 I look young and chubby healthy.

 My first love pre-diveability.  My dad loved to tell my football player friends about how I worked on cars.  To my utter mortification.  Especially when he whipped out the dreaded photo album.  I mean, come on, I didn’t exactly work on cars in high heels or lip gloss!  Usually it was PJ’s or holey jeans!

 This is my Piston.  I also have a shop rag tucked demurely into my lovely, high-waisted jeans.

 Really don’t know what I was going for here.  I think I wanted the hot librarian look or something, but those are definitely blue tinted sunglasses.  Oh teenage angst.

 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh the freedom of youth!

Thaaaathaaaathaaaat’s all folks!


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