{The Armoire}

I bought this armoire years ago.  It was the first piece of furniture over $100 that I had ever purchased.  It was a steal.  I loved it.  I love it still.  I made myself all sorts of promises that I would keep it forever and it could even become a dresser for baby clothes or a desk station if I didn’t use it as a TV cabinet.

It was a TV cabinet until I married Scott and he bought one of those flat screen thingys that doesn’t fit in my beautiful cabinet.  Now, it is in our kitchen because that is where it fits.  I had considered modifying it and using it as a desk, but then my Aunt gifted me with my great-grandma’s roll-top desk.
So, it became the “craft area”, random paper area, bill area, computer cord area, and catch-all.  Basically, it became a giant abyss of junk that I abhorred looking at and feared anyone seeing. 
It finally became unmanageable.  I would open the door a smidgen for a split second and toss a bill in.  It was a miracle that I was able to find our tax info. anywhere in there.
So, one lonely Wednesday night while hubby was out, I rolled up my sleeves, did a few stretches to prevent injury, and began digging in.
Oh look, I see a tiny clean spot.
The bottom left section is done!
Getting closer.
In through the nose, out through the mouth.
Al . . . most . . . there!
Ta Da!
I love my new craft area. It may not look perfect, but there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Didn’t you learn that from your mother, grandmother, or some wise old neighbor lady?
This is my general craft/stuff area.  My other craft area (etsy shop and sewing stuff) Is in the guest room.  I’ll post about that when it is finished and fully functional.  We just moved the bikes out of the guest room, so that’ll be my next project.
{What do you need to organize?}


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