{Goals and Giveaways}

I have many goals.  I have always been full of plans and dreams.  Some of them come to fruition and some do not, but it is fun to dream.  Here are some of my goals:

1. Be able to work from home or part-time, so that I can raise my children, if, Lord willing, we are blessed with children.
2. Create a succesful Etsy side-business.
3. Be an awesome wife.
4. Own a home.
5. Have a garden that actually produces.
6. Live on a ranch, or a farm, or in the 1800’s (not sure if this one will work out).
7. Be content.

But, in regards to this little bliggity bloggity, I have some big goals.  Not only is this a place to share my daily goings-on with family and friends who live far off, it is a place to promote my businesses, share what I am learning in Christ, and help others.  With that being said, here is my goal. 

By the end of 2011, I want to have 100 followers.  At that point, I want to begin sponsoring giveaways and hosting guest bloggers who will contribute to those giveaways!  It seems like it will never happen, but who knows?  What is the point of dreaming if you don’t dream big?  So, if you follow me unofficially, then sign up; make it official.  Who knows, you may be rewarded with a giveaway score someday! 

P.S. Keep your eye out for new items that will be added to the shop next week!  Happy weekend!

{What is your dream?}

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