{Shake your booootay}

Do you ever just wanna, just wannaa-aaa-aaa dance?
I do.
Like full on bust out into some hardcore dance moves that are intrinsically choreographed within my being.
It’s a dangerous desire.
It’s dangerous because it often hits me at inopportune moments.
Like the gym.  When I’m doing abs on the mat.  Not the most appropriate time for some hip thrusts.  But often, the beat of the music playing over the gym sound system is so funky fresh that it takes all that is within me to not bust a move!
You think I’m kidding.
Then, there are the times it hits me in the car.  Good thing people can’t see the movements of my lower regions as I cruise along, unless they’re in a lifted truck.  In that case, you are welcome for the show.  If there is no traffic, I’ll sneak in a good body roll or head shake.  Ah, the relief.  As a teen, I loved to embarrass my mom by head banging as we were stopped in traffic on the freeway.  Of course we were probably listening to KLOVE or country, but the other drivers didn’t know that.  It was awesome.
I think I have all this built up dance aggression because I have no outlet.  Well, besides my husband, who simply shakes his head and laughs when I sing Tao Cruz’s “Dynamite” and tell him to, “Check this out” as I get down on it.
I use to be a cheerleader. 
That was the perfect outlet.  I could dance and shake and shimmy to my heart’s content.  Well, once I learned how.  You see, a shy little freshman like me, didn’t exactly have the body roll down pat.  It took the help of some older girls who kindly wrapped their arms around me and pushed various parts of my body in different directions one at a time until I could body roll without looking like Kate Gosselin on Dancing With The Stars.
So, I decided to get a new outlet, and spare my hubby.
I started taking Zumba.  Um, ya.  Soooo the picture pretty much sums up how I felt about this class before I joined. NERD FACTOR!  Or maybe I need to be like super cultural or something.  But, really, I love it.  I still feel a little odd getting’ low around a bunch of strangers, but no one seems to mind.  At first I was tentative, not doing my moves full out, which is a cardinal sin of cheerleading.  But then, as I spotted other girls and women who were working it, I did a little mental head shake and silent, “Oh no you didn’t girl.” And kicked my butt into high gear.
I am loving it so much, I might join back up with the Groove class I once took.  It is also dance driven, but without the goofy flowy arm movements or songs that shout “Zumba” in the background.
So, put on some nasty beats and shake your tail feather today!  Bow-chicaka-bow-wow!


One thought on “{Shake your booootay}

  1. Zumba is amazing! My mom and I took an awesome class in Santa Rosa. Loved it!! Also, if your gym has a UJAM class, check it out. A lot more hip-hop type music-not so much flowy arms more of a hip-hoppish feel to it. Loving the blog posts!!

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