{What’s Up Doc?}

Going to see the doctor.
I’ve never been afraid of doctors.  I see them when I need to.  Dentists=scary, but doctors, not so much.
However, lately, doctors have begun to annoy me.
For one thing, why do they make an appointment for you at 4, if they don’t plan on seeing you until 4:30? I mean I can only spend so much time browsing the internet on my phone until my eyes glaze over and my brain begins to numb.  Then, why do they pretend they are ready for you at 4:30, take your temperature, take your blood pressure, ask questions, fill out charts, only to leave you waiting another ten minutes or more for the real doctor?
And why, when they take your blood pressure, do they say, “100/60” as if we commoners all went to medical school and should know what that means?  I have no idea what that means!  I have been “hmmming” and “ahaaaing” for years now and no one has ever explained to be if my blood pressure is good, or if I am going to have a heart attack by age 30. Here’s hopin’!
My new doctor is definitely less stoic than the last one.  Thank goodness.  However, the nurses are not.  A new nurse each time who is definitely not invested in you, is a bit awkward.  
This actually makes me like the dentist a lot more. *gasp*. At my dentist office I get the same assistant every time.  She knows me.  She can ask interesting questions about my life.  She knows that I gag even on the child sized spacers they try to put in my mouth.  She knows I’ll have a panic attack and think I can’t swallow if they use numbing spray to try to keep me from gagging on the child-sized spacers.  I’m an easy patient.
Nurses, however, don’t know you.  They don’t know why you are there.  They are always very thorough and pleasant, but I am shy.  I like familiarity.
Then come prescriptions.  Take this.  It has penecillin.  If you have a reaction, stop taking it. 
Wait, a reaction?  What did she mean?  Like if I start sneezing, or get a small itchy bump on my arm, or drop dead?  What is a reaction?  How should I know?
Then you go to pick up a prescription.  $80?  Why was I not informed?  Last time the generic brand was free!  Good-bye Costco refund.
I thank the Lord for doctors, but I fear I must attend medical school to understand them. Or at least check out WedMd, which tells me that I have the symptoms for 568,234 diseases.  No biggie.
{What is your current pet peeve?}

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