{Love & Respect}

The MR. and I joined a class at our church.  It is based on the book Love and Respect and has corresponding videos from a conference the author held.  It is awesome.  Not only is it hilarious, as truth often is, but so valuable in creating a stronger marriage.  I am so thankful that the Lord uses people like this to bless us in our marriages.  Check out his book or dvd’s! 

Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs’ daughter has a website as well.  Check Joy out!  Her most recent post was titled Lonely and Line Dancing, which cracked me up.  I soooo remember those days.  Like literally.  I went line dancing.  I was lonely.  It was tough, ok!

Ok, so as I was linking to these sites I subscribed to the daughter’s blog and the parents blog.  I may be coming mildly obsessed.  But, they are seriously hilarious . . . and wise, and this is a good thing to be obsessed with, right?


{What great marriage books or advice do you recommend?}

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