{Planned Spontaneity}

Lat night we made breakfast for dinner.  It is a favorite memory of my childhood.  I remember how excited my brothers and I would be when my mom made french toast for dinner.  And bacon.  I have a mild obsession with bacon.  I love it.  No one ever makes enough.  Last night I had to keep reminding Scott to eat some, so that I wouldn’t stuff it all down my throat in two seconds.  I like it crispy.  Really crispy.  Dark brown. mmmmmmmmmm . . . We ate a whole pack of bacon last night, just the two of us.  It wasn’t enough.
I love being spontaneous, but I planned this event.  I purposely purchased bacon and strawberries, knowing I already had the fixin’s for waffles.  We whipped out one of our waffle makers (I love you, wedding registry) and after I combined the ingredients, Mister took over.  The waffles he amde were perfect.  He has skills. 
He kept exclaiming, “Baby, it’s like a waffle-making machine!” 
To which I replied, “Yes, honey, you’re right; it is a waffle-making-machine. Literally.” 
Note the different use of hyphens if you didn’t get that little joke.  The hyphen between waffle-making makes it an adjective to the noun machine, whereas the hyphen between all three words makes it a singular noun. (English Teacher Nerd Alert).
Anywho, It was a fun night of no plans, couch lounging, and hubby and wifey time. LOVE.
{What is your favorite breakfast food?}

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