Round Two:  Enjoy our pics from the trip of a lifetime!
We signed up for a horseback riding trip . . .
 They had boots for us to use . . . and a metal horse to practice on.  The real practice came in the ring.  After walking, trotting, cantering, and stopping, my horse wanted a drink.  She hit the electric fence.  She jumped and spun and freaked out.  I held on.  The guide came over quickly to make sure horse and rider were ok.  Then gave me a high-5 and in his Texan drawl said, “Way to hang on, cowgirl, let’s go!”
 On the tour it was just us and our guide, a young Texan dude, on a NASCAR horse.  He picked us native berries. Told us great stories and facts about the island.  But, best of all:  He let us run . . .
 and I mean R-U-N . . . full speed, hold on, hitting tree branches if you don’t duck, turning corners, running up hills . . . FULL BLAST.  So Fun.  Time of our lives.  Favorite part of the trip.  He took us on the longer tour “just because”.  Plus, we rode so darn fast that we had time!  So we ended up here.  With this GORGROUS view of the island.
 Then our guide suggested lunch here . . . The Olympic Cafe in Kappa’a.  Probably our favorite place to eat.  Then he showed up there as well! 
Hawaiian Sunset on the left.  Blue Kauai on the right.
 That night I dreamt we missed our boat the next day.  We almost did.  I dreamt I had to jump on as it was pulling away.  Then, the next morning as we began to leave, I double-checked my travel notes.  I had the time off by a half hour and the boat was a half hour drive to the South.  We prayed the whole way and I may or may not have yelled at the super slow Kauaian drivers.  It was definitely not an instance in which I was appreciative of their super mellow lifestyles!  At least my ranting kept Scott entertained.  We made it . . . barely . . . they were loading the boat.  We were the last on as they were unhooking the ropes.  I think I am a prophetess.  In true Kauain style, the woman checking people in said, “No worries, you’re not late, slow down, it’s okay,” as I sprinted to the boat!
I’m so glad we made it becuase otherwise, we would have missed THIS!
 Yes, those are my feet dangling over the front of the boat.  It felt like flying.  Only water beneath you while you sped across the gorgeous blue surface.  These are two of the thousands (no exxageration) of dolphins we saw jumping, and swimming.  We also saw some sea turtles.  The water was a little choppy (we went late in the season) for snorkeling so that was a no-go, but the scenery was to-die-for!
 Oh and those mountains are nice too . . . what a stud.
 Serioulsy breathtaking.  I highly recommend a boat tour of the Na Pali coast.  It is only accessible by boat, helicopter, or hiking.  Many, many famous movies were filmed here.  Scott and I rented one on one of our last nights and watched it in our room at night while eating the most delicious calzone EVER from a local pizza shop.
 An hour after the green, lush, awe-inspiring coast, we landed here.  The desert!  Well, not really.  It has however been called the Grand Canyon of the islands.  Check out the RED dirt.  Before the drive up to Waimea Canyone we stopped in town at an art gallery/coffee shop.  It was a one-woman show.  Hilarious.  Like having your mom’s best friend make you coffee.  She said she made the best coffee on the island . . . I think she was right.
 The canyon in all its glory.
 This view is out to the coast where we had been on the boat a mere two hours prior!  Crazy!
Stay tuned for more.  It ain’t over yet!
{Where would your dream vacation be?}

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