In my continued nostalgia for my honeymoon (and due to the fact that I am currently drinking tea out of my Kauai mug) I have decided to post some Honeymoon Recaps!  We also have some friends who will be getting hitched this summer and heading to that loveliest of islands. sigh.  So here is how we took Kauai by storm and made the time of memories people salivate over.  OK.  Maybe not people. Just me.  I am salivating.  I need to stop.

OUR HOTEL at Sunrise, which we were awake for every day!

 The beach at our hotel . . . awwww

 Oh the sand, the waves, the sweet air

 Went on a River boat ride and danced Hula, then on a garden tour, and then . . .

 A luau.  The tons of food, fire dancing, hips moving so fast you figure one will be dislocated, kind of luau.

 Unearthing the emu . . . the pig cooked in the ground all day. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

 mai tais . . . unlimited mai tais . . . um disregard my hair in all these pics.  Warm weather, salty water, no blowdrying . . . yup

 Scott’s pride and joy.  Whenever we see one driving around, we still say, “There’s our jeep!”

 Lighthouse on our way to the North Shore.  Pretty sure we passed it unknowingly when we drove just a wee bit past the hotel our first night.

 I wish I could dress like this every day.  But, I might get fired.

 Walking to Secret Beach, which we somehow did not take pictures of.  It was amazing. Huge. white. A secret lagoon down at the end of the beach.  Pristine.  I think we were loving it so much that we were slightly hypnotized . . . hence, no pictures.

 Zipline.  A blast.  Out guide was a bit , well, crazy!  They would tell you to go (which meant run off the the wooden platform and leap into mid-air, trusting that all the contraptions that were connecting you to the zipline would hold)  then after you jumped they would frantically yell, “Wait, Wait Wait!” to freak you out!

 He looks real confident.

 About to take on KING KONG!  The Zimpline, not the actual gigantic gorilla.

 Hanalei.  Postcard Perfect.  Seriuosly.  There are tons of postcards of this view.  You can’t see it in the pic, but there are a few waterfalls streaming down from the tops of the peaks.

 This is what a beach should look like.  This is what a real man should look like.

 Sunset at the northernmost (driveable) point of the island!

I need to print out some of these pics, so we can have tangible memories of our trip!
{What is your favorite vacation memory?}

One thought on “{HONEYMOON RECAP #1}

  1. OK, can I just say, you are a STUD?! You are the honeymooner Ted wanted me to be when we honeymooned there! Wow! All I wanted to do was lounge poolside or beachside. 🙂 Got my wish for the first half because he came down with strep throat. However, when he recovered, all bets were off. Ha!
    What a beautiful honeymoon and gorgeous pictures!

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