{A Man Among Men}

We had a superbowl party.  It was a bit impromptu, but quite successful.  Enchiladas, Mexican rice, Homemade meat and cheese puffs, Homemade Black Bean dip, Homemade lemonade and lemon bars, and more.  We had 15 people (not including babies) at one point.  Then, when the game ended, my man offered to grill up some bread, linguica, and tri-tip for the remaining pals (mainly dudes).  I love this about my man.  He is so thoughtful and selfless. He is always willing, excited, and happy to bless others.  So, as he bid good-bye to his pals, I wrote him a note.  To say, “You’re Awesome”.  Who said I had to wait for V-Day?  I put it in his lunch this morning.  I’ve been reminded lately of how I often left him notes while we dated. I don’t want that fun, impetuous, and romantic side of our relationship to diminish.  So, I’m keepin’ it fresh and dating my baby.  Here’s to you stud-muffin!
Hangin’ with the menfolk (and Luke of course).
 What a good Uncle.  Teaching Luke about the game of football!
 I buy cards from the dollar bins at Michael’s and save them for the perfect occasion!  Love the fair pic in the background of my cousin and I *pretending* to pick eachother’s noses.  Gotta love 16-year-old creativity.
 Do you think he’ll know who it is from?
{ What are your Valentine’s Day plans?}

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