{Roughin’ it in February}

February has been a rough month so far.  Temperatures never below 60 degrees during the day.  80 degree weather on Superbowl Sunday.  Tough. Sigh.  Here’s a peak into our rough Saturday.
Went to breakfast in Pismo . . . but it reminded me of Kauai . . . sigh . . . I miss it . . . it’s only been 4 months.  Is it too soon for a second honeymoon?
 Well, I guess going to The Honeymoon Cafe will have to suffice for now.  Love their decorations!
 Check ’em out if you are ever in the area!
 Need my Saturday coffee.  Good thing they have a million mugs, sugar in the raw, and vanilla bean cream.  Drinking out of these awesome mugs makes it feel homey!
 We like to daydream about buying homes . . . and . . . land . . . I come up with all sorts of stories for Scott about how we’ll drink coffee (of course) on the porch, have a tire swing from the tree in the front yard, and run with our kids through the fields.  Um, sometimes I get carried away.  But really, my goal is to live on the same street as my brothers and their families.  We’ve been plannin’ it for awhile.  Fingers crossed.
 Awwww . . . second Honeymoon!
 A walk on the beach . . . sand in the toes . . . wind in my hair . . .I feel another fantasy coming on . . . involving a beach house and floor to ceiling windows and  . . . ok ok . . . back to reality.
 Then, frozen yogurt.  Except that I like Yogurt Creations.  Fresh fruit.  Yum.  Mango, Kiwi, Blueberries, and Raspberries.  Need I say more?
However, my hubby is a born and raised native and is therefore loyal to Bali’s. 
So, yes, we made two fro-yo stops. 
Good thing thet are across the street from one another.
After driving through Shell Beach and stopping for some awesome views and sunshine, I spotted an Estate Sale sign.  Here is what we scored!  The playing cards found a home with my sis-in-law. 
They were $1 and she loves birds, so I was stoked!
Yes, we have a VCR.
 My mister let me live one of my fantasies and we stopped at the side of the road, so i could pick these wildflowers.
 Then cme some homemade lemonade and Bible reading on the front porch.  In shorts . . . like I said, roughing it.  We finished the da with UFC fights and watching BABIES . . . ya, I’m serious. Total juxtaposition.
xoxo Lovin’ you so far February!
{What is your favorite month?}

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